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THUN looking north-easterly

GPS Site Information:                                                               
            Site Name:
Thun Airfield
            Site ID: THUN
            PID: DF8481 (ARP position)
            NGS Coordinates NAD83(CORS96) (epoch 2002.0):
                    Latitude: 47° 06' 21.01001" N
                    Longitude: 122° 17' 18.41650" W
                    Ellip. Hgt.: 142.878m (ARP)

            Pierce County Coordinates NAD83 (HARN91):
651433.712 fts
1195089.946 fts
                    Ortho. Elev.:  541.541 fts (ARP, NAVD88)
            Location: Puyallup, Washington
            Organization: Pierce County Public Works, Survey Section
GPS Receiver Specifications:  
Manufacturer: Leica Geosystems                       Receiver Model: Leica RS500 NGS COORDINATE REPORT 
Antenna: LEIAT504 LEIS (IGS Type T Choke Ring  L1/L2 antenna with radome) SITE LOG
Elevation Mask: 0°(Degrees) NGS Daily Position Plot
Operation Time:  24x7 log files Logging Interval: 1 Second
File Types: Rinex, Leica MDB, RTK CMR Rollover: Hourly


January, 01 2006: Elevation Mast set to 0° (Degrees)
February 9, 2005: Move to new Spider server.
October 4, 2004: Updated coordinate adjustment.
September 2, 2004: Upgraded RS500 firmware to version 5.0
July 14, 2004: Puget Reference Station Network NAD83(91) coordinates established.
June 6, 2004: Website launched for public use.

Data Storage: Files are normally available on line for three months, after which they will be deleted from the website. Data is not archived by Pierce County prior to deletion and is therefore unrecoverable. Users are encouraged to download data as soon as possible. However, archived daily files may be available through the PANGA website at ftp://panga.cwu.edu/pub

File Naming:  The file naming convention is as follows: ssssdddh.yyt.gz.  Where “ssss” is used to identify the site name, “ddd” is the day of the year, “h” is the hour identifier (UT), “yy” is the year, “t” is the file type, and gz is the type of compression used. The files are organized in directories according to the year, day of year, site  and UT hour of day.

Do not be confused by the times listed on the left of the Rinex data page.  They are the times the files were posted from the sites.  The 8th character in the file name indicates the data range: "a" 0:00 UT - 0:59 UT , "b" 1:00 UT - 1:59 UT, ..., "x" 23:00 UT - 23:59 UT. Click here for more information.

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Quality Control Reports: These reports are provided for users to document their surveys. The Leica QC report is generated by the Leica Spider software. The TEQC files are generated by software available free to the public. Information on how to read the TEQC report may be found at the UNAVCO Facility website.




For questions dealing with the PC3N Network, User Accounts, and Survey Control;
Please contact: Mark Holden P.L.S. GPS/CORS Survey Lead
Phone: 253-798-3221 or by email:

For more information on Leica Real Time Networks contact:
Jill R. Johnson PLS, GPS CORS Network Engineer
Phone: 360-250-6358 or by email:


DATA USE WARNING: We provide these data in good faith and shall in no event be liable for any lost profits, and special, indirect or consequential damages to any party, arising out of or in connection with the use or the inability to use the data hereon or the services provided. We provide these data and services as a convenience to the public. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change, revise, or otherwise discontinue published data and/or these services at any time without further notice.