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PRDY (PID DF8479)  Site Information Form
Pierce County Public Works, Survey Section, ISCUP
0.   Form
Prepared by (full name) : Jill R. Johnson
Date Prepared : 2004-02-23
Report Type : NEW
1.   Site Identification of the GNSS Monument
Site Name : Purdy Transfer Station
Four Character ID : PRDY
Monument Inscription : NA
CDP Number : NA
Monument Description : Steel H Piling Mount
Height of the Monument : 2.5 m
Monument Foundation : HP 10-42, driven to refusal
Foundation Depth : 10 m
Marker Description : Divot in center support post, SCIGN D3 adapter
Date Installed : 2003-07-08T23:00Z
Geologic Characteristic : Gravel/sand
Bedrock Type : NA
Bedrock Condition : NA
Fracture Spacing : NA
Fault zones nearby : Yes/Tacoma fault
Distance/activity : ~5-6 km to south/Holocene
Additional Information : Single steel H-beam, installed by Pro Landscape, Inc., Hillsboro, OR 1.25 diameter schedule 80 pipe welded to center web of H-beam; adapter threaded on to this.
2.   Site Location Information
City or Town  : Purdy
State or Province : WA
Country : USA
Tectonic Plate : North America
Approximate Position  
  X coordinate (m) : -2331227.896m
  Y coordinate (m) : -3643913.878m
  Z coordinate (m) : 4671390.140m
  Latitude (deg) : 47o 23' 28.90749" N
  Longitude (deg) : 122o 36' 34.05409" W
  Elevation (m) : 82.525m
Additional Information : Position coordinates are ITRF00 (Epoch:1997.0) computed from 10 days of data in October 2003, by NGS using OPUS
3.   GNSS Receiver Information
3.1 Receiver Type : Leica RS500
  Satellite System : GPS
  Serial Number : 80156
  Firmware Version : GPS System 500 v. 4.20
  Elevation Cutoff Setting :0° (Degrees)
  Date Installed : 2003-08-07 T00:00Z
4.   GNSS Antenna Information
4.1 Antenna Type : AT504 LEIS  (IGS Type T L1/L2 Choke Ring w/ spherical radome)
  Serial Number : 936
  Antenna Reference Point : ARP
  Mark to ARP Up Ecc. (m) : 0.0083m
  Mark to ARP North Ecc(m) : None
  Mark to ARP East Ecc(m) : None
  Alignment from True N : 0o
  Antenna Radome Type : LEIS
  Radome Serial Number : NA
  Antenna Cable Type : Times Microwave Systems LMR400
  Antenna Cable Length : 14.9 m
  Date Installed : 2003-09-01
5.   Surveyed Local Ties           : None
6.   Frequency Standard           : None
7.   Collocation Information      : None
8.   Met. Instrumentation         : None
9.  Local Ongoing Conditions Possibly Affecting Computed Position   :None
10.  Local Episodic Effects Possibly Affecting Data Quality   :None
 11.   On-Site, Point of Contact Agency Information
Agency : Pierce County Public Works - Utilities/Solid Waste
  Mailing Address : 9850 64th St W, University Place, WA   98467
Primary Contact  
  Contact Name : Rick Johnston, Solid Waste Analyst
  Telephone (primary)  : 253-798-4657
12.  Responsible Agency (if different from 11.)
Agency : Pierce County Public Works Survey Section, ISCUP
  Mailing Address : 2401 S. 35th St, Tacoma WA  98409-7485
Primary Contact  
  Contact Name :Mark Holden, PLS
  Telephone (primary)  : 253-798-3221
  Fax : 253-798-3271
  E-mail : mholden@co.pierce.wa.us
Secondary Contact  
  Contact Name : William Sleeth, PLS
  Telephone (primary) : 253-798-3216
  Fax : 253-798-3271
  E-mail : wsleeth@co.pierce.wa.us
Partner Agency : PANGA
  Mailing Address : Department of Geology
  : Central Washington University
  : Ellensburg, WA 98926  USA
Primary Contact  
  Contact Name : Andrew M. Miner
  Telephone (primary) : 509-963-2822
  Telephone (secondary) : 509-899-1908
  Fax : 509-963-1109
  E-mail : minera@geology.cwu.edu
13.  More Information
       Site Diagram                    : Upon request
       Horizon Mask                   : Upon request
       Site Pictures
       Antenna Graphics with Dimensions
      Site Maps: (x indicates approximate antenna position)


For questions dealing with the PC3N Network, User Accounts, and Survey Control;
Please contact: Mark Holden P.L.S. GPS/CORS Survey Lead
Phone: 253-798-3221 or by email:

For more information on Leica Real Time Networks contact:
Jill R. Johnson PLS, GPS CORS Network Engineer
Phone: 360-250-6358 or by email:


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